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Lake Maroon Holiday Park - The Scenic Rim's premier camping spot.

Our camping areas are nestled at the base of the Scenic Rim foot-hills, and are adjacent to Lake Maroon.   Park facilities include a modern amenities block with hot showers and a camp kitchen with sinks and dish washing facilities. Whether you are using the lake, or just looking for a base to enjoy the many activities of the Scenic Rim, the Lake Maroon Holiday Park is the perfect location.  

Phone Brian or Vicki - 07 5463 6256 - for detail and for pricing; let us make your stay at the Lake Maroon Holiday Park a memorable event ! 

Our personal commitment to our guests is that we will strive to ensure our guests receive a high quality and personal service, that our guests feel they have achieved the best deal possible and value for money spent, and that our guests have enjoyed the experience and want to come back and visit us again.

For the latest information, please go to our main web site:- www.maroondam.com  

Our policy is that we like our guests to have plenty of space.

Our guests will not find themselves crammed in closely beside other campers.   

We always limit the numbers we admit to our park.   Our deliberate policy is QUALITY ahead of QUANTITY - not "the more the merrier".

When guests visit our park they can be assured of privacy, huge camping sites, plenty of space, and beautiful and peaceful bush and water vistas.  

Guests with a caravan or campervan must bring their own water.  We operate on tank water, and do not have the capacity to supply water to guests needing to fill their vans.   Unlike city caravan parks, water is not piped to our sites.

On-line bookings are simple and quick.  To avoid disappointment, PLEASE BOOK AHEAD. To book, just click the screen button to the top left of this screen: “availability and to make a booking”.   Advance bookings are advisable: we guarantee our camping guests large camp sites and plenty of space, for every long weekend and holiday period we usually turn away a great many people.  This is because we will not over-crowd our camp sites.

Please note that our camp-sites are much larger than city camp sites.  Each site can easily accommodate two to three families.  So when you book, just book one site for the minimum (which is two people).  Because you have already booked a site, your friends and family who may be joining you will not need to book.  They can simply pay upon arrival when they check in.  When you book, if your anticipated guest numbers are large, then just type into the notes field as you make your on-line booking how many you expect to have joining you, and we will then get back to you and confirm that your plans are OK or if you will need to book a second site.

For greater detail and photos, please click here to see our alternative web site:- www.maroondam.com.au   You can then see our camping sites close-up, and request the siteb you want to book.

Cabins & Mid-Week Accommodation

Cabin guests have ready acces to the camp kitchen, camp kitchen tables and chairs, camp kitchen BBQ, and the camp kitchen.  Cabins are equipped with four bunks plus air con and table and chairs.  Guests must bring their own sheets, towling and pillows. Charges are at the rate of $25.00 per person per night.   

Our Maroon Cove Camping area 

This camping area is nearby the Lake Maroon shoreline. Guests camping in this area can enjoy excellent water views.

As the photos of this area demonstrate, there are very few trees and consequently shade is limited.  Be warned: when it rains, some of the sites in our "Cove" area can become very "boggy".

Our "Maroon Cove" camping area has huge campsites which are close to the water, and each camp site has good views of the lake.

Dogs are permitted in this area, but they must be kept on a leash at all times.   No more than two dogs per site or per group are permitted.

All camp-sites have a campfire place.

Toilet facilities are provided, however showers are not avaiable in this area. Guests may bring their own camp shower or go back to the Billabong camp area to access the amenities.

Powered sites are not available in this area, but generators may be used (provided they are of the modern silent running variety). 

Please note that SEQ Water and the Scenic Rim Council forbid overnight camping at the waters edge. 

Day tents and barbeques beside the water are permitted.   

Please 'click' on our photography page to see other snapshots of this area.


 Maroon Cove Camping Ground is ideal for:

  • Larger groups or families
  • Caravans (equipped with own water)
  • Tents
  • Camper trailers
  • Self sufficient motorhomes

See the Virtual Reality page to get a better look at our "Maroon Cove" camping area and the shoreline area.

Click here to view a Virtual Tour of the Maroon Cove Camping Ground




 Our Billabong Camping Area


Our Billabong Camping area is nestled in a protected park like setting, with large restful and shady campsites.  It is located only 200 metres to our private boat launching and beach area.   Only sites Nos 1 and 2 in this area have water views.

Our Billabong Camping area is equipped with modern amenities (with instant gas hot water showers), fresh drinking water on tap.   Dogs are not permitted in this area.

All sites have a campfire place.  Some sites have permanent power points for those wanting electricity. Electric leads can easily be run to other sites. In wet weather the sites in the Billabong area remain dry and do not become "boggy".

The Billabong Camping Ground is ideal for families or groups.  It is suitable for tents, camper trailers, caravans, and pop top campers.   (Camper trailers and caravans must bring their own water.  The park operates on tank water, and we therefore do not have the capacity to fill vans needing water).

Our Billabong camping area has ready access to the camp facilities, and to the Owners Cabin for ice creams, ice, drinks, and other supplies.      For greater detail and photos, please go to our alternative web site:- www.maroondam.com.au

Our Hidden Ridge Camping Area

This is an area which we have changed and improved, and which has only just been made available for on-line bookings.

Our personal commitment to you is that we will strive to ensure that every guest who visits our holiday park will feel that they have had an excellent stay, they have received a high quality and personal service, they have attained good value for the money spent, and that they have enjoyed the experience. 

Dogs are not permitted in this area.

Because we want to maximise the quality of our guests stay, we deliberately limit the numbers of our guests at any one time.  Bookings in advance are therefore very important, so that disappointment can be avoided.

Our Hidden Ridge area is an area which is well suited for individuals, groups, family groups, schools and clubs.

Because this area is secluded from the rest of our holiday park, guests can enjoy their own activities - as is to be seen illustrated by the photo showing a family group who have bought their own jumping castle.

As can be seen in the accompanying photographs, our Hidden Ridge camping area combines open spaces with some shady campsites.  The Hidden Ridge is not beside the lake, but does have water glimpses.

A large covered outdoor kitchen is available to guests camping in this area.  The kitchen has a concrete floor, drinking water, wash up sinks, a BBQ, tables and chairs.  

Power and gas for the BBQ is free to campers in this area.  The “Hidden Ridge” has more facilities than the rest of the park, and ready access to bush walks, etc.

The camp kitchen has a number of stainless steel kitchen sinks, tables and chairs so that people can eat and sit and chat of an evening, lighting, free electric power to campers, and free gas BBQ.

Our Hidden Ridge camping area offers great views and easy access to the lake, as well as handy access to the Owners Cabin for ice, drinks, ice creams and general (light) supplies.   Dogs are not permitted in this area.  

Our Bush Camping Areas

We will take guests and their gear to and from their site in our RTV (at no cost). 

Are you tired of traffic, tired of the heat and humidity, tired of the hustle and bustle of city living?  Escape all of that and come and stay in one of our bush camps!  Hidden away amongst gum trees in the beautiful remote Queensland outback - where the only people who might be looking into your tent will be curious kangaroos, and where you can rest and relax with a beer and enjoy the peaceful bush scenes, the laughing of kookaburras and the screech of cockatoos in the gumtrees overhead.

For those who like to get away from it all, we have over 200 acres of bush land.   Our bush camping areas are located at higher altitudes on the mountain above the Maroon Dam and our holiday park.   They enjoy magnificent views, where those who are so inclined can enjoy the peace and solitude of the outback with no other people in the vicinity.   All bush camp sites command superb vistas of the Scenic Rim mountains and the Maroon Dam.   Because of their comparative height, computer and phone reception on these sites is generally pretty good.

A 4WD vehicle is not necessary for guests to enjoy our bush camp sites.  Most of our bush camp sites are only a 15 minute walk up the mountain, and we will take guests and their gear to and from their site in our RTV (at no cost).

Guests camping in these areas must bring their own portaloo and their own water.  Most sites have good views of the lake. Bush camp sites no 3 is our most popular bush camp site. It enjoys panoramic views of the Lake Maroon and the surrounding Scenic Rim countryside.  

All our bush camp sites without exception require a bond of $150.00.   This can be cash or simply a credit card preauthorisation, (which drops off the card after 5 business days).   The reason for this is that guests will be charged if these camp sites are not left in clean and tidy condition and the owners are obliged to remove beer bottles or large half burnt stumps of firewood, etc.  No extra charges will be made over and above the camp fee, provided these camp sites are left in a clean and tidy condition.  

Dogs are permitted on these sites, but no more than two dogs per site please.   

Please note:  Changes and upgrades to roads, camp sites, camp facilities and Holiday Homesteads throughout the Holiday Park are on-going.   The owners reserve the right to make these changes and upgrades without notice.   FOR THE LATEST INFORMATION, PLEASE GO TO OUR MAIN WEB SITE:- www.maroondam.com 

Day Rates For Beach Access

Rates for non-guests seeking to use our beach area are $7.00 per head.   This entitles members of the public to set up a day tent on the beach, to launch their boat, swim, etc, and to generally enjoy the beach environment.  

In addition, the day rate fee entitles non-guests to use our toilets, showers and the other facilities of the Holiday Park such as the kiosk for ice purchase, ice creams, etc.    

Dogs are not permitted in this area.


Not sure ?

We are just a phone call away.  If you are not sure about something or if you have a question, then phone us: (07) 5463.6256.  Remember, we want your stay here to be a success: so if you have any questions or you are unsure about anything, then call us!  


If you want a particular camp site

If you are making an on-line booking and there is not the provision for you to reserve a particular site or camp location (eg. the Maroon Cove unpowered sites), then say what you want in the notes or comments field as you make your booking.  (For example: “may we please have a site with a good view of the lake . . . “).

We will email you back within 24 hours, and confirm your request - or explain what we propose to do as an alternative.



Accommodation Charges

All accommodation must be paid in full at check-in upon arrival, or as agreed by management. 

Office Hours

8.30 am to 5.00 pm.


For further information please read our FAQ page and our park rules - the park rules can be downloaded from the FAQ page. 



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Email: fun@maroondam.com



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