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Lake Maroon Holiday Park Frequent Questions - call us for more info.

Q: How do I find a copy of the Park Rules?
A: Click on the following link to view the park rules


Q: Can I bring my pet?
A: Yes. Small dogs are permitted in our ‘Cove' camping ground area and our 'Bush Camp' sites, but we have a "No Pets" policy for the Billabong camping ground area and for the Homesteads and the grounds surrounding the Homesteads.  We don't charge extra for dogs, but dogs are limited to a maximum of two dogs per site - or per party if the one party is occupying several sites.  No domestic animals whatsoever are permitted in the homesteads or the homestead grounds.


Q: Can I have a fire?
A: Yes, we have fireplaces at all campsites. There is plenty of firewood around the park to collect. You do have to keep the fire in pit and you can't move the firepit, burn rubbish or place glass in the fire. Fires are not permitted in the homestead grounds.


Q: Can I have a generator ?

A: Yes. Provided there are not other people nearby the camping location you choose who are likely to be disturbed by the noise, or who tell you that they do not want to hear a generator running.

Q: Can I swim in the lake?
A: Yes it is perfectly safe to swim in the lake, Maroon is a popular waterskiing location and the water is usually very clear. There are some water weeds around the outter edges of the dam but they are not harmful.

Q: Can I launch my boat from Lake Maroon Holiday Park?
A: Yes, we have our own private access to the lake. Our boat launch area has a good deep launching area and you can set up a day shelter right beside the waters edge. It is very popular with water skiing groups. Note that the boat launch area is not a concrete boat ramp and in wet weather we reserve the right to close the area if heavy rain makes the grass boggy.

Q: What is Lake Maroon like for waterskiing.

A: Lake Maroon is probably one of the best waterskiing lakes in Queensland. The Lake is deep and clear, very safe and not crowded. There are no special permits required to use the Lake. Jet Skis are permitted. Almost all of the dams surface area is skiable and free from obstructions. The area used by skiers is quite seperate to the area used by fishermen, so less conflict of use. Due to the surrounding mountains the dam is not usually affected by wind, deep enough that is doesn't chop up easily and can be skied almost all day.

Q: Do I need a fishing permit?
A: Yes. Maroon is a STOCKED impoundment. The Qld Government stocks the Lake with Bass, Golden and Silver perch and Mary River Cod. The permits are available online at www.qld.gov.au/fishing   A week's fishing permit for a family is $7.70.  All money is used to restock the dam.

Q: Do you sell ice and other items.
A: We have ice, soft drinks, and other convience items.


Q: Are there any 4WD tracks nearby?
A: Yes there are some really interesting trails close to the Lake Maroon Holiday Park.  The Lake Maroon Holiday Park itself comprises some 220 acres of beautiful bushland and 4WD tracks and walking tracks.  All guests are permitted walking access to these roads and tracks, but only registered Bush Campers are permitted vehicle access to these areas.   For further detail please go to:- www.maroondam.com 

The spectacular scenery of the Scenic Rim area makes the drives special.  Areas such as the Queen Mary falls are well worth visiting. Many of therse drives lead to special areas where guests can stop and take photographs. We have maps available to take you to various locations, different levels of difficulty and short trips to a full day outing. Ask Vicki or Brian for the extra information and a maps.  


Q. Do you have a noise policy ?
A. Yes we have a policy of reducing noise from 8 pm and ceasing all noise by 10pm. You can find out more about our rules relating to noise, parties etc in our park rules.

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